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Bed Bugs

Bed Bud and it's eggs inside of a box spring.
Bed Bug
Bed Bug cluster on a bed frame.

Put your trust in All Seasons Pest Control for your 100% total bed bug elimination.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments


We go a step beyond other companies. We use chemicals as well on all Bed Bug heat treatments.



There are several ways to eliminate bed bugs from residential and commercial properties, however, bed bug heat treatments are the most effective and eco-friendly.  At All Seasons Pest Control LLC, We offer heat treatments for bed bugs and have used this innovative approach to resolve infestations in both homes and businesses.  If you are looking for a bed bug treatment option that gets 100% results quickly, heat is a great choice.  Learn more about All Seasons Pest Control LLC's Bed Bug Heat Treatment program.


At All Seasons, our bed bug control Technicians follow the National Pest Management Association’s Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs to ensure that we have the best possible guidance on killing bed bugs effectively, responsibly, and safely. We are your best solution in the eradication of bed bugs and will effectively eliminate the threat of these pests in your home or business.

We have spent thousands of hours in bed bug management over the last 20 years. This has allowed our technicians to perform hundreds of bed bug treatments, in a manner that will totally eradicate the bed bug problem in your home, apartment, and buildings. We take no shortcuts in our bed bug treatment program for the control of bed bugs in your home or building and we use all of the latest methods in a safe manner.  If you want a company that is certified by the Kansas Department of Ag of Kansas and that has thousands of hours in bed bug heat treatments and knows what they are doing,  then give All Seasons Pest Control Company a call today. 

We have used innovative Pest Management approaches to resolve bed bug infestations in homes and businesses for over 20

years now and they have been 100% effective against Bed Bugs...

Bed Bug Treatments


We Offer heat plus chemicals, a standard chemical bed bug treatment, or an Aprehend treatment.



Heat is the quickest way to eliminate Bed Bugs within an 8 hour period.


Heat treatments are the #1 treatment choice that most

customers prefer.




One day And the bed bugs are dead and gone.

There is NO need to dispose of mattresses, box springs, bedding, carpeting, furnishings, or belongings when properly heat treated.  




100% safe, fast, and most effective.  Guaranteed.





Professional bed bug heat treatment (Thermal Remediation) service is just one of our specialized areas of expertise. The extermination process used is the most affordable and effective solution to kill bed bugs, guaranteed.  The treatment is quick, efficient, and completed in approximately 6-8 hours. Bed bug-free in less than ONE day! The extermination service is guaranteed with the option to purchase a Bed Bug Extended Maintenance Plan.





All Seasons Pest Control Bed Bug Experts are the leaders in the bed bug treatment industry.  Our innovative technology and convective heat methodologies have proven to be the most effective system for a complete bed bug eradication solution. We use portable heaters that are state of the art and are thermostat controlled for safety... These eco-friendly devices elevate the ambient temperature to a level that is lethal for bed bugs usually around 135 to 140 degrees. The unit disperses heated air throughout the room so that it warms every location that bed bugs/pests might hide. Our professionally trained technicians can safely eliminate the bed bugs in one treatment without damaging your home.

To ensure complete access where bed bugs/eggs hide, our technician may need to move your furniture around, open your drawers, cabinets,  and closets. We may need to re-position certain items throughout the treatment and will do our very best to put everything back in place once our job is complete.



Heat Treatment Extermination




1. INSPECTION:    The process will begin with a thorough inspection to identify the level of bed bug infestation.


2. EVACUATION: The location will require an evacuation of the premises to safely prepare the site for treatment.


3. EXTERMINATION: The thermal remediation treatment will be completed once the location has reached a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in all areas and sustained for a minimum period of 4-6 hours.


4. LIQUID APPLICATION: Once the heat treatment is complete, our team will then begin to apply a liquid chemical application, which will give you the peace of mind of knowing that all bed bugs have been eradicated.


5. COMPLETION: Once the temperatures have reached safe levels, we will then advise you of the ability to re-enter the home/premises. We recommend a period of 8-12 hours to allow thermal treatment to be as effective as possible.





HEAT TREATMENT: (THERMAL REMEDIATION) Heat treatment extermination is proven to be the most effective solution to get rid of bed bugs.  They cannot live at extreme temperatures. At 70°F, they will live and even flourish. They will lay eggs and spread quickly. When the temperature rises near 140°F though, bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive.


Bottom line: Bed bugs can be a horrible experience if they get into your home. Catching them before they spread is nearly impossible.  Killing them all can be a very difficult task. They lay approximately 1-5 eggs per day with a total of 200-500 in their lifetime; approximately one year. If a bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs, offspring infestation can quickly explode exponentially. In six months, a single bed bug can produce 30,000 descendants. In nine months, they can be counted by hundreds of thousands. Hiring a professional exterminator

specializing in bed bug heat treatment is highly recommended and the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs.


Other Benefits of Heat Treatment Services: This process is more than just “Hot Air”.  It is “Active” heating. This is primarily convective heating that deploys a combination of heaters and air movers which results in decreased odors and the reduction and/or the elimination of many biological concerns such as Dust mites and associated allergens, Viruses, Bacteria, and VOCs.

How Does the Heat Process Work?

Do you remember the old adage of boiling a frog? That same principle is applied to killing bed bugs. The story is told, if you throw a frog into boiling water it will immediately jump out of the pot. However, if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and gradually increase the water temperature, the frog will get comfortable and eventually succumb to his death.



That’s exactly how we kill bed bugs – gradually apply heat and they will die.



The thermal death point for a bed bug is between 117 to 140 degrees.

The larva and eggs die at 117 to 140 degrees.



Our bed bug heater will raise the temperature in the rooms up to 140 degrees. This temperature will not harm electronics, furniture, pictures, or wallpaper. You will need to remove some items such as cosmetics, candles, Countertop foods, medication, explosives, etc.



We recommend running our heating machine until the cracks and crevices reach a temperature of 117 to 140 degrees. Depending on the size of the rooms and building & wall construction, that should take between 1 to 2 hours to get to the temperatures needed.



This is by design; we do not want to heat the room too quickly.



Once the cracks & crevices reach 117 to 140 degrees, we recommend that the temperature be held there for between 3 to 4 hours.



After that waiting period – the bed bugs are Dead, Dead, Dead every time.



There is no re-treatment needed, there is no resistance, all bed bugs will be dead at that temperature.


At this point, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner to simply sweep up the dead bed bugs.



The common bedbug is an ectoparasite insect (a parasite which lives on the outside of the body of the host) of the family Cimicidae. Bed bugs feed only on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Although they have a cryptic behavior and can conceal themselves in tight cracks and crevices for up to 1 year without feeding, bed bugs are often found in bed parts, such as mattresses and box springs, hence the common name "Bed Bug". If you see bed bugs, please give us a call. We have not had one-bed bug job that we could not eliminate the problem.

The Bedbug life cycle starts with an egg. After birth the bed bug will move through 5 instars or stages, ending with adulthood.  While they are moving through the 5 stages they are referred to as a nymph or instar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then adult. In order to move from stage to stage during the lifecycle of a bed bug, a bed bug needs to feed on a mammal before it can move to the next stage. They prefer human blood but will feed on other available animals such as a pet or bat, bird, and so on. They can feed several times during each stage and as much as 1x per day. As the bed bug moves from each stage or instar they will molt as they grow. A bed bug will impale its human host at night to withdraw blood, although if a bedbug has gone without feeding, they might try and feed during the day.  A nymph/instar will look for a blood meal right after hatching from an egg. Room temperate plays a role in how fast bedbugs move through the life cycle.  If the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees F, the bed bug takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks at 83-90 degrees F to move from egg, through the juvenile or nymph stages, and to adulthood. Three generations of bed bugs could be born in a year. The lifespan of an adult is 10 to 11 months, although they could live for a year or longer without feeding.

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